Who To The What?


They say it takes a village to raise a child, so meet the tribe who helped bring this dream to life. After all, everything is made with love and you in mind. From the founder to the models, get to know all the hands that stirred the pot to bring such a treat to your doorstep.



TINA FORBEZ | IG: @tinughhh

Mother. Daughter. Light-Bearer. Creative. Veteran.

Tina conjured the idea of an accessible platform for culture, introduced to you as Crowns & Jewels©, while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Being a female service member of color, her hair’s appearance was policed by brutal military traditions. She often abused her God given mane to pacify an organization’s ethnic insensitive standard. When not in uniform, she fancied protective scarves to cover her hair as it recuperated from a day’s work. Serendipitously, she discovered the intimacy in cloaking her curls as well as an undeniable sense of sovereignty. She wanted to invest in her new regal sentiment but quickly discovered that it wasn’t as simple to find as she assumed. The lack of depth in buying options, inspired her to relieve other women with similar ancestry and style from the same frustrations. She didn’t stop there though. She took a good look at herself and noticed her entire image was not something commonly reflected. So, she expounded her vision of the crown; thus adding the jewels- waist beads & other heritage inspired accessories to emphasize the beauty already inside of every one of us. 

When Tina is not inventing one of a kind eclectic pieces for your enjoyment, she is reading, writing, replaying the Kingdom Hearts franchise, watching anime & comedies, practicing self-care, curating events, styling her clients or her all time favorite- spending time with her phenomenal family & friends.



NAKITA WARD | IG: @simplykita87

Mother. Wife. Daughter. Hair Stylist. Makeup Enthusiast.

Nakita is a resilient go getter who attended El Centro College for Business Management. She has moxy, personality, and an unprecedented work ethic. She also has an affinity for media marketing and lent her talent to 5LINX for a substantial period of time. Her true passion is beauty. She has been in the industry since a young adult, styling hair and mastering the art of makeup. She encountered the splendor of entrepreneurship under the umbrella of Mayvenn Inc; becoming a hair distributor in addition to being a beautician. She is an expert multi-tasker, who takes advantage of the flexible schedule free enterprise provides, to nurture her loved ones & balance her ambition.

Nakita now adds jewelry making under her belt of ventures. She also loves to uplift her fellow sisters. You can catch Nakita highlighting both black creativity & black excellence on Instagram at @simplymelaninqueens. In her spare time, Nakita finds delight in photography and image manipulation.






IG: @glamsqd 



Photographer. Veteran. Entrepreneur.

IG: @carmenjphotography



Model. Stylist. Dancer.

IG: @signed_ellisha



Model. Veteran. Survivor. Mental Health Advocate.

IG: @sheweirdaf




IG: @ninetybae



Model. Poet. BLM Supporter.

IG: @thenaturalunicorn



Model. Radio Host.

IG: @kolourmepink



Model. Singer. Songwriter. Actress. 

IG: @londonsavoy