Flex & Firm  

We offer two types of strand options for our waist beads: Flex & Firm.

Our Flex strands are made with durable elastic cord that stretches with the body. They can be added or removed at your leisure. Flex strands are not intended to be worn for excessive periods of time or during extraneous activity. That will cause them to either pop or stretch beyond use.

*We kept you in mind while designing. Flex strands have an additional alternative for those who have long nails, arthritis, or a physical disability. Choose between a lobster clasp or toggle clasp to ease your adornment process.   




However, Firm strands are made to stay on your body until chosen to be removed. Firm strands are made with interwoven thread that provide the durability of its name. When applying them to your body, they are tied & knotted to seal the deal. You can add an additional step by burning the ends for absolute security. Each Firm strand are a standard 50 inch strand. We are body positive and don't exclude anyone for being different. If you require a larger size, please state the desired size in the notes or you contact us at



Visual learner? Yeah, we are too. *Click here to see a tutorial on how to properly add your Jewels.