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 Head Wraps x Waist Beads 

Both head wraps & waist beads derive from the motherland herself, Africa. The continent is a diverse mixture composed of 54 sovereign countries. With that many nationalities, of course customs & traditions vary.

  • Head wraps, known by many names (geles, turbans, dukus, tignons, doek, head ties & more), traces back to a balance of fashion & functionality. Many references to the aforementioned fabric are ceremonial in use. The colors, texture, & wrapping style were/are a display of status or celebration/observance. In other less joyous occasions, headwraps were a firm grip on the last remnants of a stripped identity. In practical use, they protect the hair from heat, damage, insects, the elements, & provide a modest barrier for religious practices.
  • Historically, waist beads have been & are continued to be worn primarily by children in the early stages of their youth & women only. They are used for a plethora of purposes, including but not limited to:

commemorate life’s milestones: i.e. menstruation, marriage, pregnancy, etc.

monitor growth in children

track weight loss/gain

enhance sensuality & intimacy

spiritual well being & protection

One of the most controversial frequently asked question is, "Can they be shown or not". In majority of the cultures, they are worn under clothing. Reserving the right to be seen only for their partners or the rituals included in making them & securing them on the body. There is a percentage of those whom do not conceal their adornments. Crowns & Jewels encourages body positivity, self awareness, & reconfirming the beauty with in yourself. We ask of you to respect the heritage & commit to however you choose to wear your jewels without conviction. "Put on love which binds everything together in perfect harmony." Emphasis on the love.


How To Measure

Remove clothing from the abdomen/hips. At a relaxed state, measure the distance around your waist/hips with a measuring tape. DO NOT use your pants size or dress size as an accurate measurement! Sounds harder than it looks? *Click here for video instructions on how to measure yourself & secure your jewels.


Strand Options 

 Our Flex & Firm technology offers two convenient types of waist bead strands for your desired comfort & intention. The Flex style is removable & strung with elastic to be as fluid as you are. Utilizing the traditional tie on method, the Firm style is permanent & durable for those who wish to wear them for extended periods of time. 

*Click here for more details on strand types & clasp options. Then choose which functionality suits you best.


Product Care

When worn, all items are an extension of you. Therefore, they require the utmost respect, tender love, & care.

  • Wash head wraps by hand with cold water. Or use your washing machine's delicate setting. Do not bleach. Then tumble dry to prevent wrinkles.
  • All waist beads are waterproof & can be worn while bathing/showering. Gently cleanse strands by hand or using a soft damp cloth, mild soap, & water. Once cleaned, air or pat dry. DO NOT directly apply harsh soaps, heavy oils, or perfumes! *For strands with excessive metal details, limit exposure with water to reduce the chance of rusting.

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